Vertical Set Up

We are a vertical set up & enjoy all the benefits of such a set up, from economies of scale & size resulting in competitive price points for our buyer. The facility allows us to achieve faster lead times & effective supply chain management resulting in total quality control over our processes.


Knitting team comprises of highly skilled and trained professionals. They are skilled to make a very comprehensive and high fashion range of knitted fabrics for today’s ever changing fashion industry.

Knitting setup includes latest single, double and flat knitting machines from Fukuhara, Pai Lung, Shima, Flying Tiger and Matsuya. A wide range of machine diameters, from 20 to 34 & needle selection, 14 to 32 gauges is available.


Dye house has well equipped Laboratories, Dyeing, Finishing & Garment wash departments with advanced automatic state of the art machinery & trained staff. Fabric dyeing capacity is approximately 15,000 Kgs per day.

Dye house is backed by latest and fully automatic FONGS atmospheric and Hi-Temperature dyeing machines for cotton & cotton blend fabric as well as Viscose, Bamboo & Soybean protein fabric & a wide range of fabrics with varying machine capacities, from 100Kgs to 800Kgs capacity.

To support dyeing operations, a matching laboratory is highly equipped with latest infra-red technology Ahiba (Nuance) lab dip dyeing machine, Memmert Dryer, Data Color Humidity & Temperature controller Conditioner. Data Color light Box Cabinet & latest version Data Color Spectrophotometer connected via Internet for electronic labdip approvals. Currently this facility is used for Wal-Mart USA.The lab has matching capabilities of 100% Cotton, Cotton blends, Organic cotton, Viscos, Bamboo, Soybean, Modal & a wide range of fabrics through visual & spectral reading.


Finishing is equipped with SANTEX open width, as well as Tubular form fabric finishing lines, equipped with (HELIOT & TUBE-TEX Compactor). State of the art LAMPARTI raising machine meet buyer requirements for raised fabrics.

For the checking & testing of dyed fabric our QC lab is setup in accordance with AATCC & ISO standards. Ability to do a number of in house tests, gives Kings the ability to provide high quality dye finishing as per customer requirements.

Finishing setup is also equipped with Washers & Steam Tumbler Dryer for producing a wide variety of washed look garments.


Kings uses the GGT CAD system which enables precision pattern making & producing efficient cut markers resulting in higher fabric utilization. It uses a centralized cutting unit equipped with latest cutting machines & teamed with the expert staff that is well versed with the latest cutting techniques. Efficient Quality Control staff strictly follows the standards to maintain the requisite quality in cutting room.


They are equipped with over 1300 latest & high-speed stitching machines, manned with the most skilled & expert operators. Stitching units are capable of producing about 750,000 versatile garments per month ranging from basic to high fashion, men’s, women’s & kids with maximum flexibility in size & color assortments.


High-speed Barudan embroidery machines known for efficiency & quality equip the state of the art Kings Embroidery. The department was set up to meet growing customer needs for value added garments. Backed by laser appliqué cutting, Kings Embroidery is fully geared to provide quality & support to our production operations.


Printing department is equipped with Hi-Tech 14 colors Schenk Spider printing machines, Hix printed paper heat transfer machines & a table setup for manual screen printing. Kings printing is equipped to meet almost any printing requirement in-house.

To ensure utmost final consumer safety, we give careful consideration to regulate ‘substances for which legally use is limited.’ For instance Phthalates, lead, PVC are among a few substances which we regulate to ensure, final consumer safety & supplier compliance.


A metal detecting policy is followed in packaging which complies with all the C-TPAT standards. A highly skilled packaging set up that ensures all buyer requirements are being adhered to in the final product. A separate packing area to store cartons is used, where an internal QA audit team conducts final audits on shipment lot size on AQL 2.5 ensuring Quality of the goods before presenting it to the independent 3rd party audits.


Kings is a Quality oriented organization. Its quality philosophy stresses a systematic, integrated, consistent & organization-wide perspective involving everyone & everything.

Strong checks at every process of manufacturing starting from testing & inspection of raw material, knitting, greige fabric inspection, processing, finished fabric inspection, cutting, printing, embroidery, sewing, finishing & packing are in place to ensure that the final product is as per customer’s requirement(s)

Kings management have set very tight benchmark for each process of manufacturing. Fabric is checked on 4 point system & all the Hine inspections are conducted on AQL 1.5. Finally an independent internal audit team is there which conducts final inspections on AQL 2.5.


A dedicated sampling department works round the year to keep up with the pace of evolving customer tastes and urgent sampling needs.

The specially designated sampling unit has in unit, cutting, stitching, packaging & finishing. From our in house knitting to purpose bought small capacity dyeing machines we succeed in bringing to life, buyer creations in the shorts lead time possible.