In 2000 Kings Apparel initiated its strategic goal to establish itself as a key player in the organic cotton initiative. In order to bring this initiative to life it started an organic cotton program that was fully established by 2001. This would later become the first approved organic cotton program for Pakistan.

The program was initiated in the agricultural region of Vinder, Balochistan where virgin land was identified & farmers where brought on board, by creating a farmers co-operative providing technical assistance to seeds.

The program was dis-continued till 2011 at which point it was terminated due to security reasons for the field auditors to go to the fields to inspect it. Today we buy organic cotton from a number of mills in India & Pakistan.


During its tenure the organic cotton program consisted of 70 landowners totally an area of 5,590 acres. The organic program was operated under supervision of Mr. Tadeu Caldas, Chief Consultant Ecotropic, and a London based consultancy for growing organic produce. To support the program a full equipped lab was also established to produce biological agents e.g. Trichograma & Chrysopa to be used as predators for pest control.

In 2004 a Primary school was established in Vinder, Balochistan for 200 students of the local community. The school was created in administrative collaboration with The Citizens Foundation. Today, we continue to fund the school & today it educated 400 students from the community.